Say Hello to Classic Refinement With Tuscan Shades

Window shades. These two words may sound like a boring addition to your home renovation or building list. However, shopping for the right shades for your home can actually be quite inspirational. If you are looking to embrace European sophistication alongside chic designs, you should take a look at Tuscan shades.

The Tuscan Defined

If you are new to home design, you may be asking what exactly Tuscan shades are. To begin, Tuscan shades are made from deep colored woods such as rich yellow poplar or rich alder. These wooden shades are usually stained in natural earth tones, but may also be painted in vibrant colors that echo the Italian countryside.

Let There Be Light

When utilizing Tuscan shades in your home, you will find that they are a simple and elegant way to control the light and temperature of your room. A few places to install and make use of them include:

  • Blocking out morning sunlight in your bedroom.
  • Providing privacy from a bathroom window.
  • Enhancing your Tuscan style kitchen with dazzling colors.

Tuscan shades are a simple, beautiful and affordable way to add just the right amount of European elegance inside and outside your home. To learn more about Tuscan style shades in Cary, please visit this website.

tuscan shades


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