Effortless Roman Shades

Choosing a window covering for your bedroom, kitchen or living room can be just as challenging as picking the paint color for your walls. Make it easy on yourself and purchase Roman shades for all those vacant windows. Built for ease and decor, these shades are trouble-free and perfect for any home.

Making it Work

Roman shades are constructed by utilizing just a few simple materials. These include fabric, cords and rings. With the addition of this minimal construction, Roman shades also utilize an easy pulley system that moves the shade up or down. The weaving of the cord between the fabrics creates elegant pleats that can dress up any room.


Roman shades are also easy to install. Whether you add them to the inside of the window frame and top them with a flowing valance, or you place them on the outside frame, the installation will be quite simple. Roman shades also come in different styles that include:

  • Balloon Romans
  • Relaxed Romans
  • Constructed Flat Romans
  • Unconstructed Flat Romans
  • Butterfly Romans

With their effortless pulley system, simple installation and classic designs, Roman shades are truly the best window treatment for your home. To learn more about Roman shades in Wilmington, take a look at this page.



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